No Change?

Published 27/06/2019

The days of scrabbling around for change for a machine are long gone. In all of our major contacts we utilise state of the art Cashless Payment and Telemetry hardware installed within our vending equipment to manage all aspects of the operation of the contract.

In recent years this hardware that has been deployed has been upgraded to accept all forms of cashless payments including all major credit cards, contactless cards, and latterly Apple Pay and other forms of mobile phone payments.


With telemetry each vending machine is installed with a small GPRS enabled device.

The unit can be programmed to call into the central server at pre-determined intervals to download sales data, etc., and the system is updated with this information to give a constant real time status of the fill levels of every machine.

It’s a fantastic tool for our clients as it allows us to provide them with information gathered via the telemetry units, showing actual sales data broken down by product by machine.

One example of our use of telemetry is in a national contract with multiple depots spread throughout the country from Scotland to South-West England. We created a vending solution that could be controlled from our head office to constantly monitoring the sales and status of their machines.

Benefits include:

  • Hourly sales data feeds from each machine, creates more reliable and up to date sales information
  • Low Change Warning
  • Alarm triggers when an alarm enters a low change state. 
  • Machine Breakdown warnings, i.e. jammed or become inoperable. 
  • Reconciles cash to sales
  • Monitors machine reliability & performance
  • Productivity, efficiency & cost reduction benefits by ensuring visits to machines can be targeted to only those that require attention.
  • Multiple cashless payment options including CCC and NFC can be simply added by a software change to the installed hardware. 

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