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We may be an SME, but we punch above our weight! We have provided Universities, the NHS, Local Authorities, and Multi-National Companies with great solutions that fit their business. As a large corporation you may be interested in a fully managed contract where all your vending machines will be maintained and serviced. All ingredients and products will be supplied by us, and we will also we fill and clean the machines as well as collecting and accounting for the cash takings. Or, our maintenance package may be more suitable, if you are looking to purchase and control the daily use of their vending machines, but also want the comfort of having equipment maintained fully. Or you could be interested in a telemetry managed vending environment where each vending machine is installed with a small GPRS enabled device. The unit can be programmed to call into the central server at pre-determined intervals to download sales data, etc., and the system is updated with this information to give a constant real time status of the fill levels of every machine. Whatever your needs we can give you what you need.

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